69th Annual Real Estate Journalism Competition

Online Entry Instructions

Entry Deadline: March 01, 2019 11:59 PM EST Entry Deadline Extended to March 04, 2019 11:59 PM EST

If you haven’t paid your 2019 dues, you will be able to do so as part of the contest entry check out. If you have already paid your 2019 dues you will need to email the NAREE office to get your coupon code so your first entry will be free.

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Who Is Eligible to Enter NAREE’s Journalism Contest?

Active members shall have as their principal occupation the reporting, transmitting or editing of information about real estate and/or housing for a news media that is independent of a sponsoring organization or advertising control. (Principal occupation means more than 50 percent of their time.)

What are the Contest Deadlines?

Please have all attached files, links and summaries ready before initiating the entry submission process. Files must not be larger than 100 MB. Accepted formats: PDF, MP3 and MP4. If you are entering a category that requires 3 pieces of work such as Categories #1 or #2 "Best Collection of Work" consolidate the three pieces into a single PDF, if possible.

An entrant may submit only one (1) entry per category, but may enter as many categories as he or she chooses after determining eligibility. Click here to see all categories.

Competition judges reserve the right to decide if an entry is in the proper category, and to move those they determine need reassignment as well as not to make awards in a particular category. NAREE also reserves the right to cancel a category if fewer than five (5) entries are received in the category. (Entry fee will be refunded if category is canceled, and entry cannot be reassigned.)

Writers may enter their own work in any category. An entry entered in any of the individual categories may also be used as one of the three entries in the Best Collection of Work categories, but you must submit this piece both in the "Best Collection" category 1 or category 2 and the other category of your choice. In other words, every time you want to enter that same story, you need to send in a PDF or include a link of that story for that particular category.

Editors may enter their own individually bylined work in any Individual Category and editors may enter the work of their staff writers only in Team Categories (27-32) under their own membership or processing fee. But editors may not enter categories 21-26 under their own membership unless they have a byline on the report. At least one bylined team member must be a NAREE member or pay the processing fee to enter work in the "Best Team Report" category. Editors also may not use their own membership or processing fee to enter the work of their staffers in the Individual Categories (1-25).

Each completed entry in each category must include:

1. Entry Fees

Paid 2019 NAREE Members: First entry is free. Second entry and each additional entry is $25.

Non members - $75 processing fee for the first entry. Second entry and each additional entry is $25. Processing fee includes membership.

2. Entry Form

Each line must be completed on the form. (Entry may be disqualified if lines are skipped.)

3. Summary

Attach a brief summary (no more than 150 words ) describing the intended audience for the publication, Web site or broadcast. Explain why the entry serves the target audience, what is original about the story idea/content, why the reporting is innovative, and if applicable, how a creative risk was taken. If social media was used, please explain why it was significant. Note: judges request summaries be included for each entry because they rely on them for context.

4. Entry

Submit at least one PDF, MP3, MP4 or link.

Include passwords for all entry links behind a paywall in the summary field. Make sure the paywall password doesn't expire until September 1, 2019. Remember, if the judges can’t open it, they can’t judge it. So if you experience paywall issues, or expect a code to change, it’s safer to upload PDFs.

Tip for uploading links: if you are experience trouble uploading links, please refresh your screen or quit and re-start your browser and try again.

Categories 1, 2, 18, and 23 require more than one work sample to be judged. Category 22 can include a single investigative report or all parts of an investigative series. Please make a single PDF for all of the work to be judged as a single entry. You may also upload a single link with all three samples, rather than 3 separate links which require three times the time to open.

Best Blog - category #24, or Best Web site Entry - category #32, or any other category: If the work is behind a pay wall, include a URL and password for access to view. Judging criteria will include editorial content, design, and ease of use. Include the Blog URL or Web address in the summary field. Passwords to open all links must not expire until September 01, 2019.

If you are a freelancer with a single entry for this contest in any of the categories requiring a single piece of work and you also want to enter that piece in the Best Freelance Collection:

  1. Create a PDF or a link containing ALL 3 (three) pieces of work required for Best Freelance Collection. Position the piece you want judged in the individual category first, then add the other two pieces.
  2. Upload the PDF or specify the link in any one of these categories for individual journalists: 1-17, 19, 20, 21, 24, 25.
  3. At the end of your summary, please confirm by headline that the first piece is the entry to be judged in the category and indicate by headlines that the second and third pieces of work are in this category only to be judged as part of the "BEST Freelance Collection" – which requires THREE work samples.

The competition is slated to be judged by journalism faculty of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Judges will be the sole arbiters of the awards. Judges may choose not to bestow an award in a particular category. Judges will consider criteria appropriate to the category including, but not limited to:

"Best Section," "Best Magazine," "Best Web site," and "Best Newsletter" entries will be judged on overall graphics presentation and use of graphic elements to help communicate the message to the readers.